e martë, 15 maj 2007

What if I spill a drink on my keyboard..

Don't throw out that coffee-soaked keyboard just yet. A desktop computer's keyboard will usually survive a coffee or beer spill.

Turn the keyboard upside down on top of a kitchen towel and leave it alone for a while. Then you can wipe the top of the keys down with a slightly damp cloth and be back in business.

You can try the same drill with a laptop's keyboard, but it may not fare as well because critical parts live beneath the keyboard and some liquid may ooze down.

And beware, spills typically void a laptop's warranty, so some owners may find it worth the money to buy an extended warranty or accidental damage coverage that specifically covers drops and spills. Get it from the manufacturer who sold your equipment to you.
Better yet, put the keyboard upside down on the top shelf of the dishwasher and wash it. This works like a charm. I first read about this in either a newspaper or online, but we have used this method for a number of keyboards and works great. Turn it upside down on the towels for a few days until you are 100% sure everything is dry. Not for laptops!!! (And don't wash the dishes at the same time, and only use a tiny amount of dishwashing powder.)